Tuesday, December 12, 2017
Services For Players


Elite Tee is a great way for courses to automate their reciprocal play.  Instead of having to call your pro and ask them to arrange rounds at  different courses for you when your course is undergoing aerating or is otherwise unavailable, or when you are travelling, you can now simply schedule play using our automated system.  Our system and our mobile app are available 24-7, further adding to the convenience of the Elite Tee sytem.

*If you are interested in joining a private country club, please contact us at support@elitetee.com and we will provide you with numerous options in your area.


We ask that when you visit a course on the Elite Tee network that you act in accordance with the policies of the course.  Each course retains the right to enforce their specific rules and regulations.  Playing privileges may be denied to any or all of the members of Elite Tee if our playing members do not act in accordance with the local rules.  Please do not contact a club directly, if you have any questions or need to correspond with a course, contact us toll free at (877) 874-4465.  Failure to abide by this regulation could result in expulsion from the Elite Tee network.



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