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Thank you for considering Elite Tee.   There are many different ways to participate with Elite Tee and we are confident that we can find a program that is the right fit for your club. We believe we have created a non-aggressive way to increase your club’s revenue that will benefit your current membership and your club’s image.  Elite Tee also adds tremendous value to your members for no additional cost.  

We work very closely with our network clubs to achieve their goals.  We have spoken to hundreds of General Managers, Head Professionals and Membership Directors.  Some are reluctant to change the status quo at their club.  When we explain our revolutionary system and how we can really make a big impact, they start to realize that Elite Tee can become an indispensable tool for their club.  The most common request we receive is to target and attract new members.  Others want to increase revenue through reciprocal play. Some clubs only want to accept a few rounds from members at clubs with a similar standing as their own.  No matter what your goals are for your club, we can get you into the right program to start achieving them.

Elite Tee is easy.  We know that you are busy with the day-to-day operations of your club, so we created Elite Tee to be a simple system to operate.  Setup is quick and easy and once you have taken a couple of minutes to enter your information,  your parameters are set and Elite Tee starts work on achieving your goals.

We have different programs that can be tailored specifically to fit any club.  It is free to join the Elite Tee Network.  There is no monthly fee and you can cancel at any time.  Please take a look at our programs and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any additional questions.

Please send me more information about the Elite Tee programs.


Our completely automated system allows you to set your rates and control access to your club when it will not have an adverse effect on your members. This is a non-aggressive way to increase your clubs revenue and it will not jeopardize your current membership or your clubs image. Elite Tee also adds tremendous value to your members for no additional cost, Let Elite Tee boost your club’s membership sales and retention objectives. Elite Tee is a powerful ally that will substantially enhance the membership value and experience at your club by providing access to high quality private golf courses throughout the nation. As Elite Tee expands your members will be presented with numerous options to play at private clubs when they travel.

The company was designed by PGA Professionals and members of private courses to benefit private country clubs in a variety of ways.

Elite Tee can help country clubs:

·       Retain the members they have.

·       Target and attract new members.

·       Cut down or potentially eliminate corporate outings and the damage they cause.

·       Stabilize monthly dues and initiation fees.

·       Create revenue from reciprocal play.

·       Increase revenue in the pro shop and dining rooms.

·       Improve awareness through social media and search engine optimization.

Retaining members

Being affiliated with Elite Tee and encouraging your members to participate adds value to their private club membership.  They will now have access to all of the courses on the Elite Tee Network throughout the country.  In this current economic climate, as discretionary spending is declining, stabilizing your dues and fees will help you maintain the members you have.  Elite Tee can help clubs to accomplish this through the extra income generated by reciprocal rounds.

Target and attract new members

Elite Tee has an extensive database of serious golfers registered on our site.  We can track who is currently not affiliated with a private course and encourage them to consider a membership at your club.  We can also keep them up to date on all of the latest news and information you would like to present to them.  We also have the ability to specifically target golfers right in your community. 

Cut down or potentially eliminate corporate outings and the damage they cause

The revenue you generate from reciprocal play will provide you with a very good alternative to corporate outings.  The damage caused by the influx of inexperienced golfers is hard to ignore,  not to mention the inconvenience to your members when you close the course for outings.  We believe that revenue-generating reciprocal play is a far better alternative.   Allowing a few golfers to play on your terms and at times when it won’t adversely affect your members will cause far less damage and will help you maintain a pristine golf course. 

Stabilize monthly dues and initiation fees

Revenue-generating reciprocal play can help stabilize dues and initiation fees.  As mentioned previously, discretionary spending is down and in the current environment it is important not to raise rates.  Joining the Elite Tee network will help you to retain and attract new members by stabilizing fees.

Increase revenue in the pro shop and dining rooms

Joining the Elite Tee Network will not only increase revenue from rounds played, but will also generate additional sales in the pro shop as well as the clubhouse dining  rooms.

Improve social media and search engine optimization

When a course joins the network, they have the added benefit of increasing their exposure on the internet.  Elite Tee has a team working on search engine optimization (SEO) and bringing awareness to Elite Tee and their network affiliates on social media sites.  When somebody is exploring their options for private club membership, you want to make sure you are well represented.  We can help you with exposure, and we encourage our network courses to share with us images, news from your course, golf tips from the pro and anything that will help us create a better web presence for you.

Elite Tee Phase 2

We have a separate website built just to test the new products and services that we will be introducing to the Elite Tee website.  We are currently working on and testing some revolutionary advancements that we will be rolling out in the near future.

We are a reciprocal golf company, but we are more than that, we are an ally for promoting the well-being of your golf course and a valuable tool you can use to help you achieve your goals.    

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. support@elitetee.com


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