Tuesday, December 12, 2017
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Frequently asked questions by players.

  • How much is it to join?

It is free to join.

  • Where can I see a list of courses on the Elite Tee network?

Due to privacy agreements with our exclusive clubs, viewers must be registered as an Elite Tee member to view participating clubs.

  • How much does it cost to play on one of the network courses?

Each course sets their own rates.

  • What happens once I submit a play request?

Your play request is instantly submitted to the club pro.  He or she will then confirm availability, and accept the request, or suggest a different time.  This process usually takes about 24 hours, but can take up to 48 hours, particularly for requests made far in advance of the requested tee time.  (The quickest responses usually occur when the request is made within one week of the tee time.)

  • Are you limited to the amount of times you can play a course?

We don't limit the amount of times you can play a course.  All of the courses on our network have the ability to deny any requests to play and may do so if they feel you are playing there too often.

  • Why do the available times differ from club to club?

The courses have the ability to set the times of day when they are willing to accept play requests.  You can only send a request to play at the times specified.

  • I don't belong to a private club, can I play the courses on the network?

We are adding courses to our network daily.  When they join Elite Tee, the clubs have the ability to accept play from private country club members only or they can open up to non-members of private country clubs.  Roughly 65% of the network will accept play requests from non-members of private country clubs.  We are also adding resort courses and negotiating great rates for our members.

  • Can I bring guests if they are not members of Elite Tee or of a private club?

You can bring guests with you when you play a network course. You can type in their names and they will show up as a non-member of a private country club.  This can limit the requests that are accepted and you will have to pay for the whole group.  If these are members of a private club and people you play with on a regular basis, they can (and should) join Elite Tee and your friends list.  This way, when the request is sent to the Head Pro, they can clearly see that they belong to a private course and you will then also have the option to pay separately.

  • I don't belong to a private club but my friend does, should they book the round?

The member of a private club is going to have more courses to choose from and will be more likely to receive the requested time.  They should head the request and list you as a guest.  If you play together often you should join their friends list.

  • I don’t see any courses near me, can I send you a request to play on a private course near me?

We are a new company but we are growing rapidly.  We intend to have many options in every State.  In the meantime, we will be happy to try to reserve a tee time at a private course near you.  Please give us advanced warning and we will reach out to them for you. You can send a request to info@elitetee.com.

  • I am interested in joining a club, can you present me with different options?

We are in constant contact with Membership Directors at hundreds of private country clubs.  Please contact us and we can supply you with numerous choices near you and negotiate a great rate for you.


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